January 2012


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January 2012

An excerpt from my Unravelling The Year Ahead 2012 Workbook, by Susannah Conway

My Word for 2012:


How does your word make you feel?

  • Hopeful
  • Vulnerable
  • Cautiously Optimistic

If you lived and breathed your Word every day in 2012, what would be different for you?

  • my inner critic and sometimes saboteur would be silenced
  • my control issues would be numbed
  • i could experience more of the seemingly-mundane as extraordinary undertakings

Can you think of more words that will support your Word this year?

  • Hopeful
  • Honest
  • Renewal
  • Promise


Whoever said you couldn't walk on water? You'd just have to wait for the perfect time and you'll be able to do so. Anything is possible.

Word for 2011

7 thoughts on “January 2012

  1. I downloaded this, too. I have yet to fill out though. I’m scared I won’t be that hopeful.

    I was so happy to see you in my reader feed, and happy to see your word for the year. Open is perfect.


    1. We can only aim to be open and hopeful, my love. It’s very tough, I know this. Looking back at my word from 2011, there are a lot of similar veins popping up, and here I am a year later – almost verbatim. Different word, same feelings. One step at a time, right? And we keep getting up when we slip. We have just have to.
      Happy New Year, dear Courtney. Let being easy on ourselves be one of our goals for 2012. xoxo

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