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Oh mirror in the sky what is love?
Can a child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides,
Can I handle the seasons of my life…

-Stevie Nicks

As I add another mark on my own tree-ring chronology, I look in retrospect at the years enveloping my trunk.
There comes a point in one’s life when everything seems to fit… to fall into place.  Around this time last year, life seemed to be filled with confusion, instability and haze. This year, I feel more alive than I’ve ever been, more loved than I’ve ever felt, more needed than I could ever be, and more present in my life. I am here in the now – happy, healthy, whole.

There is no sense of pining away for anyone who has left or just hasn’t bothered to show up. There is no regret for anything I’ve done or failed to do for the day. And I’m okay with that – I’m learning to let the insignificant go. Mostly because I have more pressing priorities at hand, a fuller schedule of a groundhog day-like existence with feedings, diaper changes, cooing smiles and cuddles.

I am here where I’m supposed to be, surrounded with the love of the people who matter yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don’t need another leather top handle purse or red-soled pair of shoes to fill me up.
I just ask for time. More time to spend with my honest-to-good friends; more time to visit with family who are far away and nearby; more time to finish a craft, set proper focus in a photograph; more time to experience change and progress in humanity and civil rights; more time for date nights, make out sessions and lovemaking; and most of all, more time to be with, to teach and see my most prized work of art live her life in happiness, love, humanity and purpose.

I had to be reminded more than once that it’s my birthday; I did remember that my little cake pop turns three months today. Thank you to those who remembered and sent best wishes. My Facebook feed and iMessage prompts have been humbling. You made what would have been a normally good day even better.


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