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Preserve your memories

Moms love pictures of their kids – either taken professionally or by themselves.  The only problem these days is that most of the pictures remain on the camera, smart phone, hard drive or worse – that soon-to-be obsolete disc one gets from a photo shoot (with today’s technology, the disc is near its expiration date… soon they’ll be nothing but metallic drink coasters).

As a photographer, I try to make it easy for clients to have their events and memories captured and preserved. I do this by offering photo books with my photo sessions, aside from the professionally printed photographs. The books, which come in varied sizes of soft or hard cover, are beautifully hand-bound and printed on acid-free paper with the latest digital press technology. They can either be personalized with a feature photo cover or embossed on a striking linen cover.  Did I mention they are made right here in Canada? The photo books are then handsomely packaged in eco-friendly, 100% recycled material charcoal boxes lined with tissue inserts. You can store them stacked in your library or even right in the boxes they are packaged in for extra care.  This way, your memories are readily available for you to peruse and reminisce whenever nostalgia hits.  Let’s discuss including one of these memory-preservers as part of your photo session with me…




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Meet Aggie

Hello! I’m Aggie; I make photographs.I loved the idea of capturing a snippet in time and elevating it into more than just an instant.