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Unravelling the Year Ahead by: Susannah Conway

Happy New Year! Five days into 2014… how has yours been so far?
Before we completely let go of 2013, let me quickly take stock of the year that was.

2013 was a gift. The first quarter was about anticipation. The better part of the spring and summer were about diving in the deep end, whilst hazy with sleep deprivation, coming up for fits of air only to find out that you’d have to start all over again with getting used to a new score of routines.  This in essence, was my life with my newborn.  I was a blissful, anxious, ecstatic, paranoid and haggard hot mess. It sounds a bit psychotic – and it is.  This is the beautiful roller coaster that my life has become, and I am nothing but better for it. I felt so fortunate for this experience.


2013 was also a year of humility and digging deep.  Eleanor has opened me up so much to unconditional love and daily forgiveness – of others, and especially of oneself.  There were so many times that I beat up myself for not knowing what to do, but how could I have when she is my first child? I needn’t be the perfect mom and Stepford wife. As long as my child is happy and healthy, and my husband feels loved and appreciated, I have done my daily job.  I know this will prove to be difficult mantra all the time, but when this is what i see at the end of the day – then I am happy:



2014 is the year I start to purposely choose for myself.  I choose JOY. I choose LOVE. I choose FUN. I choose FORGIVENESS.  The CHOICE is mine and I will practice it. The choices I make will not only impact me, but my child, my family.  My choice is to live life to the fullest and show my daughter by example that life is beautiful, especially because I have her in in mine.




Always Choose Joy

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