Routines and Round-ups


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Routines and Round-ups

I am really excited to start a new Friday routine around here. Starting next Friday, and subsequently every first Friday of the month, I will feature interviews here on the blog. These interviews are my way of sharing with you some of the beautiful women I’ve come across in my life.  Some have been long time friends, some newly acquired “old friends”, while others are women whom I’ve lovingly admired from afar and have proven to be even better humans when I got the chance to have an actual interaction with.  This series will be called Friday Femmes. These women are quite different from one another yet they all are similar in the sense that they are real; they have flaws; they are strong; they are vulnerable; they are beautiful and inspirational to me… and hopefully, they will be to you too.

In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend.
Happy hearts day to all; Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers… and besides, romance shouldn’t be relegated to one day of overpriced red roses, chocolates and booked solid restaurant reservations with the promise of the horizontal cha-cha afterwards, agree?
Stay in, order take out and have your friends/family over to watch The Notebook, Pulp Fiction or Frozen, if that’s more your jam.  And if you are partnered, go ahead and make out on your couch. That’s a swinging Saturday at my house! (Don’t judge – we have a toddler, and we LOVE making out on the couch.) Whatever your plans, I hope you have a love-ly weekend.


Hilarious brothers recreate their baby pics

Best photobombs ever

Such precision and craftsmanship! {vid}

I head to search for this again as my daughter started painting the other day; an oldie but goodie. Need to show this to her in a couple of years

When this dad goes away on business trips, this is his version

Last minute Valentine DIY for those inclined to craft and celebrate

I need to see this movie again: Art, love, and mystery

Metal baby head {vid)

Best Canadian Grammers via my friend Donnie Ray

Kid’s invention to keep lions away {vid}


It's Friday from someecards

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