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Hooray, It’s Friday!
I’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with you — the very FIRST of the Friday Femmes series! And who better to start the series off than the amazing Caroline Snider.

Let me paint a picture for you: tall, svelte, enviably fashionable, unassumingly beautiful (she’s so hot, it’s almost irritating) engagingly hilarious, incredibly witty and that spell-casting British accent – that’s Caroline in a nutshell. I met this Fabulous Femme last year in Chicago and she has left such a lasting impression on me that I wish we’d met sooner and had been able to hang out more before she embarked on her year-long adventure with her husband across the United States (she tells me they plan to add a stop in Ontario, Canada for a visit so I’m holding her to that).

Without further ado, here’s Caroline.
(Savour her words, like a cool, refreshing limone gelatto in your mouth, on a sweltering summer’s day. You’re welcome.)

Friday Femmes on cablerms.com: Caroline Snider instagram.com/thewandering_eye

Name: Caroline Snider

Profession/Vocation: Full Time Wanderer, Photographer and Writer.

Online Presence if any:

Website: the-wanderings.com

Instagram: @thewandering_eye

#FridayFemmes on Cablearms.com: Caroline Snider instagram.com/thewandering_eye

1. Where are you from/where do you live?

I’m originally from just outside of London, England but I’ve been living in The States for 6 years now. I spent five of those years in Los Angeles living the California Dream and working in advertising before my husband and I moved to Chicago in time for one of the coldest winters in history for the city! This year we have started out on our most ambitious and most extreme move yet – we’ll be living full time in an RV and spending the next year touring all 50 states. So far we’re two days in and have been braving the sub zero temperatures and a foot of snow in Wisconsin. Next stop – Nashville! I’m so excited to see how things unfold.

2. How long have you been doing your profession/vocation?

That’s really hard for me to define. In one sense I’ve been writing, capturing and documenting the stories of my life and those that surround me since childhood. On the other hand I’ve only just started to dedicate my time fully to pursuing that as a career and believing wholeheartedly in my ability to do that.

3. What are your challenges in your line of work?

The beauty of modern technology and the digital age is there are so many ways for artists and entrepreneurs to create content that didn’t exist ten years ago – there’s also a myriad of new and ever widening platforms to share that content. The downside of course with an environment like that is there can be a lot of noise and it can prove even more difficult to get your work noticed.

4. What do you love most about what you do?

I’m a storyteller at heart – whether it’s mine or somebody else’s. I’m completely obsessed with the intricacies, the highs and lows and the nuances that make up our lives. But truly, it’s the ability to connect with people through my writing that floors me every time. I’m very open about sharing the ups and downs of my life and when people respond to that it fills my heart with so much joy.

#FridayFemmes on Cablearms.com: Caroline Snider instagram.com/thewandering_eye
5. Can you tell me about your ideal reader/subject/student/patron?

Ryan Gosling. I don’t need to explain that right?

6. What surprised you most about being a photographer?

That I could actually do it! I wasn’t schooled in an environment that gave any weight to the idea of creative arts and although I never struggled academically I simply wasn’t exposed to the idea that pursuing photography or creative writing as a career was possible let alone could have any worth.

#FridayFemmes on Cablearms.com: Caroline Snider instagram.com/thewandering_eye

7. Where/Whom do you find your inspiration from?

My Dad is a lifelong inspiration for me, he encourages and believes in me at every turn. He taught me to be limitless and showed no fear when I started to reach for those limits. He’s still the first person I call at age 30 to say ‘is this a ridiculous idea’?
My husband is my partner in the truest sense of the word. He will believe in me when I’ve lost my faith, call me on my crap when he thinks I’m full of it, push me beyond my own boundaries and support me in ways I could never have imagined. I am so grateful to have them both in my life.

8. How do you foster your inspiration and creativity/productivity/talent?

Magical Unicorns and patience. Only one of those is true.

9. Who/what helps you fuel the fire during your least inspired days?

I am a true introvert. I find my solace and inspiration in being alone and am almost paralyzed when surrounded by others, even those I love the most – something I am only just coming to understand. Two hours alone is usually enough to break the block for me.

10. What would you tell your 21 year old self today?

Eyeshadow is not your friend, your bra is the wrong size and you absolutely cannot walk in heels…
As for the big stuff – I’m not the type of person that believes in regret, I treasure my mistakes. Although some of them are painful and hard to face in the light of day – they are a map of how I’ve grown and evolved.

Bonus – last thoughts, anecdotes, tips you are willing to share:

Potbelly > Jimmy Johns.
Don’t wear plastic shoes.
Live alone for at least two years.
Be good to your friends.
Don’t expect anyone else to fix you.

 #FridayFemmes on Cablearms.com: Caroline Snider instagram.com/thewandering_eye

Yours truly with today's Friday Femme. iPhone photo by Jill Marzion
Yours truly with today’s Friday Femme.
iPhone photo by Jill Marzion


True to her word, Caroline graciously answers all interview questions on the road. Thank you my friend, I am deeply grateful. xo
True to her word, Caroline graciously answers all interview questions on the road. Thank you my friend, I am deeply grateful. xo

True to her word, Caroline graciously answers all interview questions on the road. Thank you my friend, I am deeply grateful. xo

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