Mama is Recharged and In charge


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Mama is Recharged and In charge

Hope you all had a great weekend. Even though we had a busy weekend, I’m still feeling the great effects of a mini-getaway from Saturday. I went to finally check out and stay overnight at my friends’ camper – it’s a gorgeous 1980s airstream that they gutted and renovated, and it’s been featured in House and Home Magazine. It’s only 1.5 hours away but it was such a treat to be with such great company. It was great to just relax and lounge like I had no responsibilites and my hard choices for the day was whether to have wine or prosecco.

relax and recharge relax and rechargeThat recharged me at length and I came home the next day all pumped to host Father’s Day at our house. It was a fantastic day and our little one enjoyed having both sets of grandparents around. Her little art presents were a hit and she loved giving her “surprises” to all the dads.

father's day father's day father's day father's day father's day

As an update, I’ve started using essential oils around the house, along with upping my dosage and moving taking it from day to night. Everything may be placebo but I’ve noticed a difference in my energy levels.  I’ve also been taking raw B complex supplements that my friend recommended. My blood work has been normal, so just these little additions/changes seem to have a positive effect.

essential oils essential oils

Here’s to staying upbeat with lots of energy for the rest of the week.
What are your plans for this week, friends? Are you able to take a break from it all? What are your relaxation techniques?

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