We survived, She thrived: Traveling to Paris with a Toddler


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We survived, She thrived: Traveling to Paris with a Toddler

Traveling to Paris with a Toddler cablearms.com
Traveling to Paris with a Toddler

Traveling with a toddler anywhere can be challenging. Our little one has traveled since since was four months old and it’s been a relative breeze — she’s been to four states in the US all within 1-4 hour flying times. But traveling seven hours across the Atlantic was beyond intimidating. I thought I was going to have to double up on anxiety meds and drink up all the alcohol on board Air France. One plus was that the flight was non-stop so it would lessen the travel time.

But what surprised me was how well my two-year old adapted to the constant changes during our trip to Paris, France.  She was the one who taught me to go with the flow and enjoy what’s in store for us.  Sure, she had issues with the time change and her normal sleep routine was disturbed with jet lag. But we managed to re-establish a new routine of fly by the seats of our pants, and she adapted like a champ.

We rented a gorgeous apartment via OneFineStay and it was one of the best choices/decisions we’ve made for the trip. Their services were on point. The staff who met us at the apartment, Emily, was incredibly nice, knowledgeable and professional. The apartment was clean, and just as it was advertised. They provided us with an iphone for the duration of our stay which was incredibly helpful for information and data savings on our own phones.  They had a cleaning service come and they were on time, courteous and did a great job. Whenever we had questions or concerns, the “front desk concierge” responded right away via text or call on the iphone provided.

Like a trooper, our little one bounced back to herself in no time.  She loved our daily adventures around our Le Marais neighbourhood and all-over the city:



Our jaunts to museums, big and small (tourist-filled Louvre in the late afternoon and quaint and beautiful Musee Montmartre during the day):


Since it’s also her vacation, we made a point to bring her to different playgrounds where she can roam, run and engage with the petites gens de Paris. She had a bit of a scuffle with a little meanie, but even with the language barrier, she made me so proud with how gracefully she handled the situation and stood her ground.


She loved shopping, she helped pick out some souvenirs for her beloved cousin and she had great fun trying out shoes for herself!

But I’m almost positive that the highlight of her trip lies with the pigeons and the carousel rides that made her squeal with glee.

We had left her with our friend from Vancouver who also met us in Paris, and he offered to babysit for us one night so we can go out and celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.  She stayed up past her bedtime but she eventually went down to sleep and let us enjoy a few hours on our own.

It’s no secret how much I love Paris and that I always try to convince my husband to go back every chance I get; even though there is a huge list of places that we want to see as well.  This particular trip back was very special – it was our first trip back as a family of three; we roamed around leisurely without any formal schedule or agenda and my husband and I were able to reconnect and restrengthen our bond together, after a bit of a difficult and busy past year.

I come back home, whole, rested (amidst all the endless walking and flight of stairs up and down our apartment on the third floor), inspired, sartorially fulfilled, my French better than ever and most of all, incredibly grateful for this time, this life that I have.

Traveling to Paris with a Toddler cablearms.com

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  1. Love this post! It’s easy to see the love and happiness you and your family share. That close-up snap of E at the J de T is just amazing. XX

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