People are awesome


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People are awesome

Yeah, you read that correctly – I did say “People are awesome”. Don’t be scared, my blog wasn’t hijacked by some uber nice Polyanna ninny – it’s still me, that sassy, foul-mouthed brown girl with a waspy last name by marriage. Let me explain:

MY PEOPLE, at any rate, are awesome. That includes YOU, whom I reached out to for help with a survey. I had to ask some readers some easy breezy questions for this little thing called market research that I’m doing for the blog.  There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes right now for the blog. I want it to be a better read. I want to be a better writer, story-teller and humourist. I want to share what I know through experience, continued practice and honed skill.

So thank you for your support; for tuning in; for reading through my endless ruminations on my life, on my nerdiness with art and photography, on my love for great reads and amazing movies, on my aspirations on being the brown Martha Stewart with my DIY crafts and being the poor man’s Gwyneth Paltrow with tips on travel and child-wrangling and fashion.

With your help, I can slowly transform this place piece by piece, post by post, into something that reflects not only me, but our collective sentiment together. Thank you for making it worthwhile for me. I will always go back to this post on the days when I feel unmotivated to over share, too lazy to create good content, or discouraged to keep going.

In a few days, I will give you a report of the survey. And feel free to fill it out here if I haven’t reached out to you directly for your input yet. And if you already have, THANK YOU!


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