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A Christmas Friday Femme: Kristina Peek

Merry Chrismakwanzakkah everyone! In honour of the holidays, I would like to share with you a little christmas story 🙂

When I was 7, I received the best early christmas gift a little girl could get… it was a baby sister, born on December 23. But this baby sister was no ordinary one, because she was mine. I remember being in the hospital, all busy with my Gulliver’s Travels colouring book and my parents were discussing what to name her. They thought her second name would be Kristina because she was born so close to Christmas day, but they couldn’t figure out her first name, since they wanted all of us children to have names that started with the letter A. (I know… how very “Ardashian” of them) They were bouncing of names and i remember mouthing out names in my head until I said, “Andrea!!!” There’s been some controversy with who actually came up with the name, but I stand my ground. I DID.

From then on, I always had this immeasurable sense of protectiveness over my sister. She was mine, and no one can mess with her. Even though there were some years that she really just bewildered and annoyed me more than anything, I still felt like it was my sole duty to ‘mother’ her. And boy, did I ever.


I loved the unconditional love/attention she had towards me – she hung onto every word I said, imitated the way I did things and followed me everywhere I went. Bewildering and annoying, right?!? But that may have been due to the age gap between us. When we moved to Canada in 1990, we (including my brother), were all somewhat forced to rely on each other even more. We got to be a tight little unit.

In most cases I know, the youngest child always had the easiest upbringing as the older siblings paved the way for them with regards to rules and curfews, etc. The funny thing about us tho is that, my sister was the one who adhered to the rules. She was the golden child – she rarely did anything out of order; she was always home on time; she studied fervently – and excelled in her academic endeavours; there was rarely any back talk heard from her… and if it came up, it was apparently through my bad example.

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It really wasn’t till she was about 16-17 until our age gap caught up and we shared a lot of things in common. This would come as no surprise to anyone that I may have tried to persuade or try to mold her to doing or liking the same things that I did at the time. But I will have you know that after about a year or so of that, I started getting some resistance when needed. She was gently reminding me that she was capable of making her own choices and decisions. My baby sister was growing up.

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We were thick as thieves – she was gaining more and more independence and she started becoming more social, and she’d spend the weekends with me in my apartment. We were inseparable until she decided to move to Texas. It was a tough transition; I couldn’t understand why she wanted to move away from me. Until I realized that she was living her life for herself, and not merely to be my sidekick.

My sister has blossomed into such a wonderful woman, that I wish I could take all the credit for it. But she did it all on her own. These days, she’s the one I run to for advice on motherhood and patience. She’s the one I text or call right away if I need immediate help with talking me off the ledge. Her spidey senses tingle and she knows nuances of a voice shift on the phone. We have such a connection that she can read between the lines even on a text message whether something is awry.
I’ve always maintained that even if we weren’t related, I’d still seek her out one way or another so we could be friends. You want to know why? Because she’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

For this Christmas, my present for you all is to share the best christmas gift I’ve ever received: my sister, Kris.


Name: Kristina Peek

Special Education Facilitator

Online Presence if any:
Instagram: kcablespeek


1. Where are you from/where do you live?

From London, Ontario
Currently living in League City, Texas


2. How long have you been doing your profession/vocation?

I have been in the education profession for 12 years.


3. What are your challenges in your line of work?

Challenges in my line of work can run the gamut. However, my biggest challenge is to figure out how to best help students. As an educator, I have a hard time letting go of control and releasing the responsibility of learning to my students. Student failure is what teachers are trying to prevent, but there comes a time when it is necessary to allow students to makes mistakes/fail if it means you are able to teach them a bigger lesson through their mistakes.

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4. What do you love most about what you do?

I love when students realize their potential because of shear belief in their capabilities. Often in my line of work, students have had to deal with difficulties for a long time that they begin to give up instantly when given a task. I’ve seen first hand how by believing in struggling students and celebrating their accomplishments, no matter how small, can motivate them to complete the task.

5. Can you tell me about your ideal reader/subject/student/patron?

This is a tough question. I suppose the ideal student might be one who is an avid learner, but usually, those are ones who don’t need much help. MY ideal student though? Call me crazy, but they are ones that stress me out to the point that they invade dreams. They are the ones who are continually on my mind because they are often the ones who need the most help.

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6. What surprised you most about being a {teacher}?

I’m surprised that I didn’t think about being a teacher as child and now, I don’t know what else I would be other than a teacher.

7. Where/Whom do you find your inspiration from?

I find inspiration from colleagues who are innately good at their roles as educators that they make it look so easy to command attention and keep students engaged. These are the same educators who go above and beyond what is required to get the job done. They understand that these students often need to be taught more than just math and reading. Rather, they need to be taught about life and relationships.




8. How do you foster your inspiration and creativity/productivity/talent?

I use the problems encountered by students as launching points for research. I sign up for professional development and continually find ways to stay informed about different teaching techniques and methodologies.

9. Who/what helps you fuel the fire during your least inspired days?

My daughter.  She inspires me to keep on going. If I, as her parent, would expect from her teachers their very best every day, then I, as an educator, should give my very best to students daily. It’s not easy, but that is what they deserve. That is what my daughter deserves.

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10. What would you tell your 21 year old self today?

Take some time to slow down. You don’t have to figure life out at this moment because you can’t. Let it unfold and you will find your place in the world. Spend time with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to let people in (I still have to tell myself that now). They will think of you what they want. You can’t make them change their minds if they don’t want to. You, however, can choose your reactions to other’s thoughts and opinions of you.



Bonus – last thoughts, anecdotes, tips you are willing to share:

Keep a journal as long as you can and read old ones from time to time. It’s a good way to keep yourself humble and to figure out what kind of a person you are and what you are trying to be.

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untitled-002From our family to yours, enjoy the magic of the season!

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