Your people want to see who you are, as a family, as a professional, and as a business.

Your audience needs to see themselves in your world. They don’t want stiff stock photography. They want to see real life in pictures, the diversity of real life in photos.


When you have a lifestyle photographer who uses real people, real families, and real life, your photos represent your business in a way that is accurate…and that’s good for business.

Sure you can use the industry models and recreate the perfect vignette in print or your website, but I can help you with lifestyle photographs that will complement the legitimacy of your business values: about people and helping people.


Here’s the ticket:

You need a photographer to work with. One who can bring the ease and comfort during shoots that make photos authentic and candid. These lifestyle photos are the ones that connect to your audience. People want to see themselves represented as they are. People want accuracy in the message, in experiences and what they’re being sold, and they are savvy enough to know when something isn’t.


“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
~ Alfred Stieglitz


This is where I come in.


I’m Aggie Armstrong. I’m a lifestyle photographer who works throughout Southern Ontario, mostly London and the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

I’m an art nerd which means I know my stuff (yes, I wait and hope for the Art and Artists/Art History category on Jeopardy) but I also know how to capture people at their fullest; raw emotions, in their messy beautiful life and all.


  • I received my degree in Fine Arts from Western University in London, ON.
  • I trained with renowned Pulitzer winning photojournalist David Turnley, in New York City.
  • I’ve taken practical courses with Define Photography School.
  • I’m finishing up an extensive photography course with the New York Institute of Photography.


I’ve officially owned and been in my photography business since 2011, and have shot more engagement, wedding, family and newborn sessions to count.

I’m married to a silver fox. He swept me off my feet and somehow managed to convince me, a lifelong city girl, to move in with him in a farmhouse in rural Ontario. Together, we endlessly renovate and update our farmhouse in between adventures and trips we take with our little girl. She makes life interesting for us and she is definitely my muse and future apprentice.

Outside of my work with families, I’ve also been commissioned to do business assistance and corporate shoots, whether they be headshots, events or flat lay photography. I’ve worked with:


  • Speakers and influencers (food, farming, marketing industry)
  • Entrepreneurs and small start-ups
  • Car dealership marketing;
  • London-based small but mighty advertising agency
  • OCFA AGM Gala
  • Large-scale corporations such as, Manulife Canada