When we work together, I want to document you at your most confident self, whether it be by yourself, with your significant other, family or friends. Your confident self can be you in your favourite jeans and heels playing tourist in your home city; in your lounge wear and oversized tee in bed with your spouse and new baby; in a fancy ball gown or tux, dressed to the nines for a special tea party in your daughter’s playroom; barefoot on the grass running around with your kids; or in your swimsuit by the dock at the lake or beach, sunning with your fur-baby or your childhood friends.

We’ll work together to get the best representation of your life today, not in a perfectly posed frame, but with the imperfections that make life real, beautiful, and full of emotion.

Invest in yourself and your loved ones today.

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For standard portraits or head shots, contact me to discuss further. I can’t wait to hear from you.

A. xo